Friday, December 10, 2010

Wow! I am so glad that the fall semester is almost over. I am praying for passing grades so that these past months weren't a waste of time. This break is going to feel real good on the brain! Lately, I have been stressed about trying to get things situated and organized for finals and then I realized that I will never have my shit together. Well actually, I hope that someday I do. To add to my stress, Christmas is in two weeks and I haven't gotten any presents yet. I get the feeling that lying around the whole week after finals is going to be the greatest. Oh wait, I still have to go to work, bummer! Work wouldn't be all that bad if every child was an angel. When does that happen. The other day I had a child literally punching me in the stomach and laughing about it. I kept telling the child there was a baby in their, but he/she just laughed. Not the best day I have had at work. I really enjoy working there that was the only real upsetting thing that has happened in three months with children 6 weeks to 5 years old.

Thanks for the great semester Molly.
Have a good break.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Recently I have discovered Christopher Paolini to be a very interesting writer. I am not much into to mystical dragons, but the inheritance series has intrigued me. He reminds me a little of J.R. Tolkien in his creativity and word usage. Paolini wrote Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr and each chapter seems to draw me closer into his world. I was introduced to this series by my mother, which is very unusual. She is not the type who would read about dragons. I was saddened to see the movie was horrible and nothing incomparison to the book.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Holidays

Thanksgiving has been a favorite holiday of mine since I started celebrating the holidays. I like getting together with family and knowing that our being together will bring me joy. There was no sudden change for me this turkey day because we happened to have in Frenchtown at my Aunt Kathy's. It wasn't a long drive and dinner was very relaxed. I was mostly sad because most of the younger generation had been in attendance for this holiday. I realize we are getting older and starting our own families and trends, but it is still nice to have everyone there. My family get togethers usually include: the feast, visiting, game time (pictionary), and then the second dinner. Although this year we only had the first feast and visiting, how lame. No, not really, but the game time really defines my family and somehow we have managed to drift away from our tradition. I always knew at some point in time this would happen, but I wasn't quite ready for it. The good part about this is my immediate family has gotten so much closer and that is a blessing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I read "Cathedral" and I thought the story had great morals. It made me sad at first how the narrator felt about blind people and especially this man whom his wife was very good friends with. I was glad that the story ended with the narrator actually learning from this blind man, Robert, when at the beginning he was cutting him down. Actually both Robert and the narrator learned a lot from eachother. The narrator finally seen where blind people can see it is just in a different way. The narrator didn't even know how to describe a cathedral and by the end of the story he had drawn one and that became better than any desciption. I do not think the narrator is sympathetic at all. He makes it seem like blind people are no good and the people with them are just as bad. He changed by finally seeing the blind are normal people just like him.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Think Positively
        When writing I always try to tell my self that nothing I write is bad. I can always use this or I would not have thought of it. It is hard to write when you are always so hard on yourself. SO, put on a smile and and tell yourself Hakuhnamatahtah!

Write Freely
         Don't set your standards to specific things, let your mind wander. It is easy to write about everything, so let your mind do the writing.

Keep a Journal
         I think that it is easiest to write to yourself. Think about in the future when you can't remember a lot of what happened in college or the years to follow. If you keep a journal writing is much easier and flows a lot better because you are writing every day. Also, it is fun to look back and read about memories that may have slipped your mind.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can you catch me in a lie?

My dad has traveled to Vietnam to see his new wife. The times he has been there he says that the bathrooms aren't efficient, so they give you water to wipe with.

When I was a junior in high school we went to state and I was talked to by a journalist for the Billings Gazette and ended up getting 2nd that year.

I was 16 and traveling to Australia to play in the U.S. Down Under team. I raised my own money to get there and got a 3 day trip to Hawaii on top of it.

Which ones are the truth and which one is the lie?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

King of Queens

This sitcom is a comedy about a couples life and all that comes with it. Doug and Kari Heffernan (Kevin James and Leah Remini) have a unique and comical relationship. Doug, a delivery man and Kari, a secretary, are always trying to find ways that will make their life better and easier. Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller), Kari's father, ends up moving in with them and is a goof. Doug gets along with him, but gets frustrated with Arthur everyday. Arthur always wants his so called friends to give his discounts or rides on the bus free. Doug's friend and co-worker, Deacon (Victor Williams) and his wife are always battling with the Heffernans to see who is better or more knowledgeable. I personally like this sitcom because of the humor, but also because the lifestyles seem to make fun of the silly mistakes that we, as people, do everyday. It can teach you about the silly mistakes we get mad about, but should be able to put up with. That it is hard enough to keep your own relationship in tact without being involved in someone elses'.